Summer in Bulgaria is a spectacular holiday season. It is enough to spend it once riding along lovely local roadways surrounded by beautiful scenery to conclude that there can be no better place for an enjoyable holiday. All you need to do is make sure that you have a car to drive – let pedestrians avail themselves of guided bus tour opportunities and be hassled with the train schedules.

And there is no problem about it whatsoever. Now you will not have to worry about such things as filling in customs papers or waiting for your turn among others who are dealt with in a leisurely manner at service centers. There is a much better solution – leave your car in your favorite country! In summer, you can explore the coastal areas, breathe the fresh sea air, go for a swim on the beach you prefer, without anything to worry about but a sufficient amount of petrol, and in autumn – you can get back heading north to Russia, while your car is left in the earthly paradise at a secure parking facility, protected by a marquise from rain or snow, that is so rare in sunny Bulgaria. 

Next summer, you can forget blithely all your worries again finding your motor vehicle intact – and you are free to enjoy months of carefree living on the Black Sea coast.

Next winter you will be thinking with pleasure and excitement about your own vehicle, your piece of home away from home, near the seaside, waiting to accommodate you and all your company!